The Multi Platform Cryptocurrency

Ourcoin is a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash system that will allow online
payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through an Intermediary.
Digital signatures are not enough to prevent double spending and
hence we use a peer to peer network and Proof of stake system where Users stake their coins and prove ownership to verify transactions.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

About OurCoin

OurCoin is a decentralized Cryptocurrency with Secure PoS Network and Masternodes.

Ourcoin aims to implement all the essential use cases of the blockchain technology.Ourcoin developers are working on multiple platforms like Ourmarketcap, OurDapps , Ourdevs and Ourmasternodes which will soon be available.
Either you are a developer or a user, Ourcoin has an opportunity for everyone to earn passive income and contribute towards the development

OurCoin Trades on Cryptobrige, Escodex. Cryptopia Listing paid



Masternodes are Full Nodes that Enable Lightning Fast Transactions and Obfuscation

Easy to Use

OurCoin Wallet is Very Easy to Use. Deploying Masternodes have never been so easy Thanks to Our Masternode Script


Ourcoin transactions are Lightning fast. Send Ourcoin with Instant Send for 0 Confirmation Payments


OurCoin has Proof of Stake Environment friendly Network with Staking and Masternodes



OurDex will be the first Platform for OurCoin. FIRST 500 Masternodes will receive 1 OurDex Share or You could Buy OurDex Share directly from Smart Contract and get 1001 OurCoin Masternode Free with it ( Information to Buy from Smart contract PreSale is In Discord ) Only First 500 Masternodes will receive 90% Profits from OurDex.(65 Mn online Now)


Ourdevs will be a platform where Users can find especially blockchain developers to hire them for work which includes updating source code or a swap process


Ourmarketcap is a platform in development. Ourmarketcap shows the Marketcap and information about all the Cryptocurrencies and tokens. It will also include a portfolio feature in which users can add transactions and keep track of their profits


Ourmasternodes will be a platform by which users will be able to keep track of the masternodes of different cryptocurrencies. Ourdevs are also working on a feature by which users will be able to deploy masternodes very easily


Ourstore will be a platform for buying and selling online. It will be a simple web interface for buying and selling with an automated escrow



OurCoin ( Our )

Block Time

60 Seconds

Block Reward

1 ( Increment after 10K Blocks )

Masternode Collateral

1000 Our

Masternode Reward

80% Block Reward

Max Supply

21,000,000 Our

Reward Table

Masternodes Supported

Ourfolio App

Manage your Portfolio

Add Transactions in the Ourfolio App to know the Profit/Loss Made in a Trade


Share Ourfolio App with your friends to Win Exciting Prizes

All Coins Supported

Track all of the Cryptocurrencies and Tokens with Ourfolio App

Share Your Portfolio

Built In Feature to Share your trades with Friends

Our Team

Thomas Alfred
Co Founder and Developer

  • Blockchain Developer with 5 Years of Experience
  • Entrepreneur

George Smith
Core Developer , Marketing Manager

  • Vast Experience in Programming
  • Blockchain Enthusiast

Ji Hun
Korean Representative

  • Blockchain Enthusiast
  • Korean Community Manager

Min Su
Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Smart Contract and dApps Developer
  • Gui Designer

Frequently asked questions

OurCoin Presale is Live on Discord. Contact Thomas#0437 to Whitelist and Participate in Presale.

You can see masternode statistics on Masternodes.online

Contact Thomas #0437 in discord.

OurDapps Blockchain will Launch soon. Stay tuned and follow discord for Latest updates